Hiring Tip: Are you “Always looking for good people”?

In operating several local job boards in the upper Midwest, we have had the pleasure of engaging with thousands of local employers. While much has changed through that last 15 years, two common themes have stayed the same.  We consistently hear the following statements from employers:

1) It is getting harder and harder to attract quality workers.

2) We are “Always looking for good people”.

Both statements speak to the fierce competition for local workers. However, the “always looking for good people” statement intrigues me the most.  I am always surprised how many companies indicate that this is the case, but do not have an actionable plan to support it.

A common way to tackle hiring is to address the hiring needs only when the openings arise.  Typically, companies would identify a need, then advertise the job openings in various sources. This generates applicants and hopefully leads to a hire within 60-90 days. 

After the hire, job postings expire and, typically, recruitment efforts go dark until the next job opening occurs.  As employers, we should be leery about this on again/off again hiring strategy.  Top Resume indicates that the average U.S. Job Search lasts for 5 months. So… if your job listings last for 60-90 days, but the average search lasts for 5 months, a dangerous gap is created and could be costing you quality local employees.

Hiring platforms such as HIRECLICK fill these gaps by allowing your business to have an “Always On” careers website that not only lists your open positions, but one that tells your story and provides valuable information to jobseekers that are trying to research you.  LinkedIn’s Talent Solutions group indicates that 75% of jobseekers will research you online prior to applying for one of your job openings.  If a jobseeker researched your company, what would they find?  If you did not have any active job postings, how would they learn about you as an employer or fill out an employment application? 

Just as your company web site has elevated in importance to your customers, a careers site is essential in providing potential jobseekers with the information that they need, when they want it. HIRECLICK is a turnkey hiring system that includes a careers web site that you can be proud of. It hosts all your open job positions and submits them to all the 3rd party job search sites that matter. Last, rather than facing unpredictable costs for advertising job openings, HIRECLICK operates on a low monthly flat rate… starting at only $99 per month.

Learn more about HIRECLICK by taking a self-guided product tour or receive a price quote for your business.

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