If You Are Struggling With Hiring, Chances Are You Are Missing At Least One Of The “Big 3”

We can’t find any applicants. No one is looking for jobs right now. Unemployment rates are just too low.

Sound familiar? We hear these comments from employers every day. If your hiring strategy needs a boost, we recommend to examine the three most basic elements of any employer’s hiring strategy:

1. Reaching the right audience with the right job advertisements. With HIRECLICK, you have unlimited job slots, unlimited user accounts & unlimited applicant storage. HIRECLICK submits your jobs instantly to ALL the job boards and social media pages that matter. Our trained hiring consultants can advise you how to build job advertisements that attract the best candidates.

2. Improving the application process from ANY device. Successful hiring starts with a streamlined, mobile friendly careers site. In less than one hour, we’ll have your custom careers site built and activated. Jobseekers will easily be able to find and apply to job listings from ANY device.

3. Creating hiring workflows that make your process more efficient. Big companies with big budgets have always had an advantage in hiring…until NOW! Create custom hiring workflows, auto email responses & manage applicants with ease. Control all of your hiring from a single, easy to use dashboard…just like the big companies.

Luckily, HIRECLICK provides a framework to instantly improve all 3 facets of your hiring process.  We work with employers like you every day to optimize their process and improve applicant flow.  Best of all, it has never been easier to get started with HIRECLICK.  We are offering special monthly pricing AND a FREE, 1-Hour activation for new HIRECLICK accounts.  You’ll be up and running with a complete turn-key hiring system for as low as $99/month. If you are hiring, put HIRECLICK to work. Call 605.305.5033 or visit www.hireclick.com to get your account activated in less than 1 hour!

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