Job Applications Drying Up? HIRECLICK Can Help!

Hiring is tough. Application counts are down. Hiring activity is slow. But, this is not the case for everyone. In fact, HIRECLICK clients are seeing a flat, not downward, trend. In addition, those HIRECLICK clients eager to tackle this hiring challenge head on are seeing successful hiring results, despite the lower application numbers. Why is this? 

It’s simple… the reality is that 80% of all employed workers would be interested in moving jobs but would not be considered “active” job seekers. These job seekers are not necessarily going to visit local and national job boards to search current openings. Instead, they are going to search for you on Google, visit your career site, and do in-depth research BEFORE they apply. The biggest question is…what will they find? Are you clearly communicating why you are an employer of choice versus the competition?  Does your careers site display this message clearly on a mobile device? 

The bad news is that filling jobs is not as easy as posting to job boards.  Exposure of your job listings is part of the equation, but that only addresses the active job seekers. More importantly, you need a system that applies “constant pressure” to your hiring drought.  

HIRECLICK addresses all the necessary components to finally tackle and solve your biggest hiring challenges.  For one low, monthly price, your HIRECLICK subscription includes the technology tools and partnerships to gain more exposure for your job listings, create a custom branded, mobile friendly careers site and application process, and a dashboard to manage, rate, and share candidates.   

For as low as $99/month, HIRECLICK is the hiring tool that you simply cannot live without. Give us a call, take a self-guided product tour, or request a custom pricing quote.  Find out how you can get started with NO ACTIVATION Fee or NO Long-Term Contracts.

Call 605.305.5033 or visit to get your account activated in less than one hour! Don’t take our word for it. See what our clients say about HIRECLICK! 

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