Ghosts are scary (especially to your employer brand)

Ghosting Part 1 – the Disappearing Application Pipeline

The Urban Dictionary defines ghosting as “when a person cuts off all communication with their friends or the person they’re dating, with zero warning or notice beforehand.” The practice of ghosting has also made it into the talent acquisition world, where recruiters are the ones guilty of radio silence without explanation, leaving applicants in the dark, never to know what could have turned the relationship sour.

Recruiter ghosting isn’t necessarily something new, but we finally have a name for it. And it needs to stop for the benefit of both parties.

Almost every candidate who’s tried to find a job in today’s fast-paced market has been ghosted by a recruiter along the way. Whether the recruiter said they would call but didn’t or the candidate was ghosted after the interview, these are detrimental to your employer brand. On the employer’s side, nearly every recruiter has been too busy with other tasks to dedicate time to engage every unsuitable candidate and explain why they weren’t a match for the company.

HIRECLICK took a rather unscientific poll (posed the question on Facebook, have you ever been ghosted by a recruiter after applying for a job) and it seems that nearly everyone has been ghosted after clicking ‘send’ on a job application.

“I’ve been ghosted *after interviewing.* More than once! Blessing in disguise is how I see it, because obviously they suck.” – Alex

“Yes, I’ve been ghosted several times after interviewing for a job, even after I followed up. I’ve also been ghosted after applying so much more often. Don’t even receive so much as a generic ‘thanks but no thanks’ email.” – Casey

“I’ve had this happen a lot of times over the last few years and it absolutely causes me to lose all respect for these institutions.” – John

“A no reply following an interview always changed my perspective of their culture and employee valuation.” – Deanna

“Yes. To me, it’s not professional, feels lazy and makes me feel that they don’t handle difficult conversations well. This translates to a work environment I wouldn’t want to be in. Especially as it relates to performance levels once inside the company.” – Kesha

Job seekers begin to form an opinion about a company, as an employer AND as a business, the very moment they begin the application process—and that opinion is difficult to change.

According to a 2018 report by the Human Capital Institute:

60 percent of job seekers report a negative candidate experience with the employers they engage.

72 percent of job seekers report sharing their negative candidate experiences online.

55 percent of job seekers report avoiding certain companies after reading negative online reviews.

Think about how quickly a single negative candidate experience could create a snowball effect, like if someone had a bad dining experience. To illustrate the point, imagine walking into an Italian restaurant and the following takes place: you must wait despite having made a reservation, the appetizer was cold, the server was rude when you asked for extra parmesan cheese and you found a Band-Aid in the chicken alfredo. Disgusted, you write a scathing review on Yelp and share it on social media channels to encourage others not to dine at that restaurant.

It’s the same for job candidates who suffer an overall negative hiring experience. With sites like Glassdoor and LinkedIn, it’s easy for candidates to vocalize their dissatisfaction with how they were treated and discourage others from applying, which affects your reputation as a company. Millennials, who represent three-fourths of active job seekers, are especially quick to share their experiences online and pay particularly close attention to reviews from their peers. When candidates are ghosted, you lose out on possible talent, and your employer brand takes a hit.

While the typical candidate spends about 3-4 hours preparing and submitting one job application, the typical employer spends less than 15 minutes reviewing that application.

You know that creating a positive recruitment experience is crucial, but how exactly can you get there? What should you do to ensure your company’s hiring process stays out of the spotlight for all the wrong reasons? Though they may seem obvious, let’s start with a quote from—what else, Ghostbusters.

Peter Venkman: “Spengler, are you serious about actually catching a ghost?”
Egon Spengler: “I’m always serious.”

And so are we. Let’s catch some ghosts.

Follow up after an interview

Communication is important in any setting and it’s crucial to create a good interview experience. But it’s rare for most candidates even to receive an automated rejection email. 65% of job seekers say they never or rarely receive a rejection notice from employers.

If you’re able to create a personalized interaction for every candidate, it’s sure to help you stand out. If you want to go the extra step, try to give your candidate feedback. Many candidates appreciate knowing how they can improve in future job applications. This also encourages candidates to reapply again in the future.

Recruiters also need to be clear about the interview process so that candidates are aware of what to expect. Companies need to set clear interview processes and communicate effectively in order to create a better interview experience.

Respect is a two-way street

According to CareerArc:

Nearly 60% of candidates spend at least one hour on research and preparation before they even start the online submission process.

70% of employers believe candidates spend one hour or less in researching, preparing for, and submitting their job application.

Candidates take the time to refine their resume, sift through several job postings and complete the application process. If they already have a job, they often need to take PTO or vacation time to interview for a new position. Companies often expect candidates to arrive early, be extra prepared and be mindful of time. But they should do the same thing for candidates: if they are taking time off from their jobs, and showing genuine interest in your company by applying, the least you can do is be respectful of their time and follow up afterward.

Employers often have expectations out of candidates, but it’s important that they show the same respect. When companies create a positive interview experience, they leave a good impression on candidates who may consider applying again in the future and encourage friends and family to keep the company on their radar.

When all is said and done, be sure that you are clear about when you will contact the candidate after their meeting with you and that you follow through on that promise. And if you need to “close” the candidate, i.e., you determined they weren’t a right fit, be clear about it. Assign someone to contact that candidate to close the door, share feedback if you have it, and wish them well in their ongoing search.

Eliminating the “ghosts” and managing candidates with care tells the world what it’s like to work for your company. And as job applicants take to social media to share their positive experiences, their engagement with you as a potential employer will boost your employment brand and help you to attract and keep the best talent.

With HIRECLICK’s all in one hiring platform, every client receives an array of anti-ghosting tools that make it easy to keep your applicants informed of their status in your hiring process. Bulk email tools allow you to select targeted recipients, then create and send thoughtful, customized emails to applicants. Starting at only $99 per month, HIRECLICK is the answer to your hiring challenges.

Get started today. No activation fees, no contracts required, unlimited job postings and application storage.

HIRECLICK adds additional firepower to its expanding Midwest Job Network with the launch of

The “Gateway to the West” has just gained a valuable resource for connecting local jobseekers with area job listings. is now live and includes thousands of the best and latest available jobs in the Omaha area.

Powered by HIRECLICK, an all-in-one hiring solution based in Sioux Falls, the new portal will help connect job seekers with the right career opportunities and information to help navigate their job search or a search for a new professional direction. Using an easy-to-use interface, job seekers can quickly refine a wide variety of job opportunities down to those that meet their criteria.

“Our new job board leverages our network to connect jobseekers in Omaha and the surrounding areas looking for work with those companies who are hiring. For area employers, we are happy to be adding a local recruiting resource in addition to the reach provided from our other job distribution partners.” said Scott Petersen, co-founder of HIRECLICK.

By utilizing, area employers can get their open jobs in front of the right targeted audience.

“Simply stated, we want to provide a complete hiring solution, including local and national distribution of job listings, for a fraction of the price,” Petersen continued. “Human resource and recruitment professionals have more than enough on their plate, especially during the pandemic, and our goal is to provide them with an easy way to distribute jobs to all the major job sites and receive placement on this new valuable, local resource.”

“For years, large companies have had the luxury of implementing turn key hiring systems. HIRECLICK aims to provide similar tools to small to mids at a very affordable price point and no long term contracts,” he added. “We specialize in providing an ‘All in One’ hiring tool to Midwestern based companies, and is a natural extension of our existing job network that spans across the upper Midwest.

HIRECLICK is thrilled to now offer a more robust online service to interested applicants in Omaha that can be available 24/7 by smartphone, tablet, or computer.

In recent months, HIRECLICK has also added Monster and LinkedIn Limited Listings to its stable of job distribution partners.

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What To Do (and What Not to Do) During a Virtual Job Interview

No matter why you’re looking for a new job, job hunting during the coronavirus pandemic is unique. Instead of attending in-person networking events, you’re likely attending virtual job fairs and tapping your network online. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, most companies have switched to virtual interviewing. And to ace your virtual interviews, you need to know what to do as well as what not to do. Here are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to succeeding in a virtual interview—including some great advice from human resource professionals. 

DON’T dress casually

We’ve all seen the commercials or posts on social media of people who are wearing Hawaiian shirts or pajamas during virtual meetings. Yes, your interview is done virtually so the interviewer might not be able to see everything you’re wearing. However, you should still dress the part—like you would if you were interviewing in person. And that means wearing pants or a skirt, along with an “interview” shirt or top. Dressing up will show the interviewer that you take the interview seriously. Also, even if the interviewer can’t see you from the waist down, dressing up will boost your confidence and help set your mindset on the task at hand—acing your interview.

DO Test the Technology

Test your tools 24 hours in advance to make sure your computer microphone is working and your internet connection isn’t spotty. Know the platform you’re going to be using in advance so you can at least test it out: you don’t want to be feeling your way through unfamiliar technology during the interview.

DO Have Notes Ready

One of the advantages of a virtual job interview is it allows you to keep helpful notes in front of you, and off-camera. You’ll be less likely to forget important talking points, and no one will be the wiser. Keep your resume in front of you as well, so you can easily remember important work experiences and dates.

DON’T Play With Your Phone

Remember that you’d never sneak a look at your phone if you were participating in an in-person interview. It’s a bad habit and not behavior you would exhibit in real life, so remember that a video interview is still a face-to-face interview. And be sure to show that you’re listening with your body language–nodding, lean forward, smile and ask questions.

DO schedule the interview for a time when it will be quiet in your home

If you have a choice, try to schedule virtual interviews when it will be as quiet as possible in your home. For example, if you have children, be mindful of when they might need your attention (such as during homework or snack time) and avoid those time slots. If you have a pet, try not to schedule your interview during their normal walk or feeding time. And whatever time your virtual interview occurs, make your home as quiet and free from distractions as possible. Turn off any nearby sounds (ex. television, speakers, etc.) and make sure your phone is silenced. Also be mindful of your background. Cluttered rooms make communicators seem disorganized. Distracting elements will pull attention away from you. Find an environment where the background is simple, reflecting your professionalism.

DO Focus on the Positives, Not the Negatives

No matter your situation, focus on the positives, not the negatives. For example, many people had to switch to remote work for the first time, but perhaps didn’t know how to use virtual collaboration tools. Highlight how you have worked to become a better remote employee. Did you learn how to use Zoom or Microsoft Teams more effectively? Did you master Slack or GoToMeeting? If you’ve been unemployed or under-employed, explain what you’ve been doing to improve your skills and stay connected to your field. Mention any professional development you have done in the past year such as webinars, certifications, virtual networking events or online tutorials.

Some Advice from the Experts

“I would highly recommend candidates google their own name to see what pops up from comments, reviews, and images. Additionally, they need to review their social media accounts. More and more hiring managers and team peer interviewers are searching to determine what kind of person would be joining their team.”


Google Reviews: if someone only posts negative google reviews this could indicate the person is negative and the team does not want to add a negative team member. Positive reviews could indicate a person who appreciates others.

Images: If they are posting pictures of being at celebrations and not following the current CDC safety guidelines the team may not want them on the team for safety reasons.

Rikki Wardyn
Vice President – Human Resources
Banyan Medical Systems

“My two cents would be for the candidate to speak up using a confident voice and be prepared to answer questions about things you disliked about a previous role in a positive way.”

Denitza Colores, SHRM-CP
Human Resources Generalist
Episcopal Community Services

  • Do: Be on time
  • Do your research on the company before you go to the interview.
  • Do ask questions (that show you’re in tune with the position/company)
  • Don’t bad-mouth former employers or managers
  • Do be yourself
  • Don’t try too hard/don’t be fake
  • One more….true story here…. DO use a vanilla or generic email address!

Kevin Knetsch, SHRM-SCP
Human Resource Director at Midwestern Mechanical, Inc.

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HIRECLICK adds Monster to Already Impressive Stable of Job Distribution Partners

HIRECLICK is pleased to announce that we have been named a selected partner for Monster’s Organic Job Messaging process. Moving forward, this process will automatically submit all HIRECLICK clients’ jobs to Monster’s organic listings.  This distribution can help expand your reach and allow you to access more candidates at no additional cost to your company. 

Founded in 1994, Monster is a global leader in connecting people and jobs. Monster aims to make every workplace happier and more productive by transforming the way employers find the right talent and candidates find the right careers.  

“HIRECLICK is thrilled to be chosen as one of Monster’s selected partners for organic distribution.  This will allow HIRECLICK clients to leverage Monster’s advanced technology and market leadership.”

Scott Petersen, Co-Founder of HIRECLICK

As part of this new partnership with Monster, HIRECLICK clients’ job postings will now be distributed for free as organic listings on all Monster sites.  Applicants will be redirected back to their mobile friendly careers site, also included within the HIRECLICK platform. 

Not using HIRECLICK? Click here to request a demo and talk with one of our Hiring Solutions specialists about your current recruiting needs.  

Don’t take our word for it. See what our clients say about HIRECLICK! 

HIRECLICK + LinkedIn Limited Listings

HIRECLICK is pleased to announce that we have completed integration to the LinkedIn Limited Listings program.

LinkedIn has proven to be an invaluable tool for networking, performing job/employer research, and building professional connections.

In addition to HIRECLICK clients receiving automatic submission of job listings to our Job Board partner sites, your organization can now distribute jobs to LinkedIn for free, for inclusion on your LinkedIn Business Page. This program will expand your reach and allow you to gain valuable exposure to your job listings at no additional cost to your organization.

Including your job listings on your LinkedIn Business page is a fantastic way to announce your job openings to those that have already expressed interest in your business (that may or may not be visiting job boards). The integration with HIRECLICK is simple and provides yet another critical distribution point for your job listings.

LinkedIn racks up additional points for its recruitment clout. A recent study found that 122 million people received an interview through LinkedIn, with 35.5 million having been hired by a person they connected with on the site. In addition, employees sourced through the LinkedIn site are 40% less likely to leave the company within the first 6 months.

LinkedIn’s Limited Listing program can easily be set up in the Integrations tab within your HIRECLICK account. For additional support, you can always reach us by phone, email, or online chat for immediate support.

HIRECLICK Support Options:

LOCAL: 605-271-0299

TOLL FREE:  866-335-2678


Chat: Available in your HIRECLICK account

If you are hiring and not using HIRECLICK yet, find out why more than 1,500 Midwestern businesses like Banyan Medical Systems and Liberty Business Systems rely on us for their recruitment and hiring needs.

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Tips For Finding A New Job in 2021

It’s probably safe to say that most of us are eager to put 2020 in the rear-view mirror and were relieved to flip the calendar to a New Year. It’s also likely that in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, several people who have been un-or-underemployed are in the process of researching and applying for new job opportunities. If you’re one of those folks who are currently looking for a new job or planning to make a professional change in the new future, there are several things you can be doing to move your career to the next step in 2021: 

Reach out to your professional network

This is a good time to catch up with people you haven’t seen in months—or had reason to interact with— because of the pandemic. Call or email your contacts and see how they’re doing and what they’ve been up to over the past few months. Conversations with peers, mentors and former colleagues are where you begin to uncover tacit knowledge and discover the questions you didn’t know you should ask during a potential job search in the near future.  


Refresh your audio library by adding new self-help and professional development podcasts to listen to during your daily commute, or while walking the dog or washing the dishes. Much like the best self-help books, self-development podcasts will provide tips and tricks for achieving success in a variety of scenarios. Learn how to improve your professional relationships, how to boost your productivity, or just listen for some sage wisdom from the experts in your field. Here’s a list of 20 top self-help podcasts, and you can search your industry in places like LinkedIn and iTunes to find podcasts by the experts in your chosen field.   

Add your 2020 accomplishments to your resume 

January is a great time not only to reflect on the past year, but also on your professional achievements. Identify some ways you added value to your employer this year—and quantify it. Did you hit a sales goal? Take on additional responsibilities? Named employee of the month or selected to a new work committee? Add those new achievements to your resume. This should be obvious (but, it isn’t): use a professional or generic email address on your resume. Contact information like or will do nothing little more than generate a laugh and a trip to the recycle bin.  

“If you were laid off due to COVID-19, make sure to note you lost your job as a direct result of the pandemic, recommended the Gee Group, a staffing agency located in Columbus, Ohio.

-Yahoo Finance (1/11/21)

Review Your LinkedIn Profile

If it doesn’t include your current job, add it. Did you receive an award? Host a webinar? Earn a new professional certification? Don’t forget to add those to your LinkedIn profile. And…if you haven’t created a customized LinkedIn URL yet, do so; it will make your profile more professional—and don’t forget to include your new LinkedIn URL on your resume. Make sure that you use a professional photo (leave the casual photos for Facebook and the like), added keywords for your industry in the About section, and that your headline (the words under your name) is something other than the default which lists your job title (you can be a little creative here). It will probably take less than thirty minutes to get your LinkedIn profile looking crisp and clean for 2021. 

Assess Your Professional Gaps and Find Ways to Correct Them

Are you missing a critical skill? Certification? Has a previous employer told you that you need to spend more time in the community or networking? Write down what you’re missing and make plans to address it. For best success, take specific action: sign up for a class, find a buddy or colleague to hold you accountable, schedule time to practice what needs improvement. 

Unhappy in Your Current Job? Why?

The most important thing is for you to try to figure out why you’re unhappy…is it something that is within your control (attitude, working style) or not (a colleague, unrealistic sales goals)? Next, assess your strengths, weaknesses, and be honest—take an assessment if you need to, or ask someone you trust to give you their true opinion about the situation. Identify what you want to do and whether you have the existing skills and experience to do so. If not, make a written plan to close those gaps and implement those steps. Without careful consideration of what makes you happy and what doesn’t, it’s likely that you’ll also end up unhappy in your next job.  

Practice Makes Perfect: Strengthen Your interviewing Skills 

Ask a friend or a colleague to give you a practice interview and record it. Spend 45 minutes (or longer) on your practice interview. You can use Zoom, Skype, or another platform—the platform doesn’t matter but the practice does. And when you watch your “interview,” do so with a critical eye and note what you could do better—and practice again. 

Prepare Your Best Answer to, “What do you do?” 

Everyone needs a good answer to this question. Make your answer interesting and engaging. Think about using this formula to craft your answer: what do you do/what you want to do + why you’re good at it + value you add.  And after you spend the time preparing and assessing your next career move, target those companies that most closely embody your values, embrace your unique skill profile, and show promise in their industry. The best employers have done similar legwork as you and should be able to demonstrate their values, culture, and personality on their career site.  

At HIRECLICK, we believe that successful hiring revolves around the careers site For as low as $99 per month, our clients enjoy a custom, mobile friendly careers site, automatic jobs distribution, full applicant tracking and communication.

Visit to learn more and get started. 

Why Employee Referrals are a Gold Mine for Recruiting Managers

Hiring managers at businesses of all sizes and industries have to balance a full plate these days. New generations are entering the workforce: more than one-in-three American labor force participants (35%) are Millennials, making them the largest generation in the U.S. labor force, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of the U.S. Census Bureau data. Job candidates have more choices when it comes to job selection and are increasingly asserting higher demands, which companies need to consider in a tight labor market. And companies are still hiring amid the COVID-19 pandemic, so it’s very likely that human resources professionals have needed to refine their hiring strategy. For instance, companies will need to consider doing a virtual onboarding, delaying start dates if necessary and keep their Zoom recruiting tactics as sharp as a Ginsu knife.

Because of increased candidate choice, employers also face more competition for top talent than even five or ten years ago. Hiring managers must move quickly when making an offer to capture proficient candidates and avoid at all costs lengthy, grueling application and interview processes.Employee referrals can cut through the clutter and solve many problems caused by the job-seekers market. When you engage your team in referring top talent to the company, you decrease the cost of traditional hires, quicken the time to hire, and retain referred employees longer.

Recent studies have indicated that employee referrals are hired more than 50% faster than candidates from other sourcing platforms, such as job boards or traditional media job postings. Additionally, employers enjoy a 75% reduction in the cost per hire for referred candidates over traditional recruiting methods. Finally, when an employer extends an interview to a referred candidate, there’s a 40% higher chance of that candidate receiving a job offer. In a world where COVID-19’s unprecedented impact has altered a tight U.S. labor market, these statistics could make a significant difference in hiring competitive talent while contributing to the overall financial health of the organization.

Why Should Recruiters Care About Employee Referrals?

Employee referrals do allow employers to hire quality candidates faster and more affordably. Employee referrals can save organizations $3,000 or more per hire (Recruiter).

Additionally, these candidates often have higher retention rates that job seekers sourced from other sources. According to CareerXroads data, referrals were are listed #1 as the most productive” source for diversity hires, well ahead of major job boards, company affinity groups, and diversity career fairs. While these benefits are impactful, employee referral programs offer additional benefits that will not only keep your current team loyal but will also drive the success of the company.

Here are some more great benefits of employee referral programs.

Expand to a much wider talent pool

Through employee referrals, employers can also expand their candidate sourcing 10x over. By not focusing on only active job hunters, companies can also take advantage of seeking passive candidates (those employees that aren’t currently looking for a new job). Teamable reports that passive candidates make up about 70% of the global workforce—that’s a lot of potential talent. And think about how many connections your employees have on various social media platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. For example, if you have 50 employees, and each employee has 300 social media connections, you now have access to 15,000 potential candidates. According to a recent Deloitte study, 61% of employers interviewed stated that their top concern was finding qualified, experienced hires. By implementing an employee referral program, you’re expanding your recruiting efforts to connect with hard-to-reach, highly skilled, and passive talent.

Test Your Company’s Employer Brand

Your employees are your greatest brand advocates—think of them as walking billboards for your company. If they’re happy, productive, and loyal, they’ll tell their friends and acquaintances. If your team sings your praises when they’re not on the clock, then not only let them, but encourage their efforts. A compliment as small as a “I love my job!” posting on Facebook from your employees carries significant weight.

Thirty-five percent of employees refer open positions to help their friends, 32% do so to help their employer—but only 6% of employees suggest candidates for money or recognition. Employee referral programs inspire your employees to examine their connections when a job opportunity becomes available. But to have a successful program, employers need to make the referral process easy on employees, not taking up a considerable amount of their time. Remember, they’re employees, not professional recruiters.

Employers should also communicate with their employees about current open positions as well as the application status of their referred candidates. How can employees suggest top talent to you if they don’t know what you are looking for? Also, by including employees in the hiring process, you’re letting your team know that they matter and you value their insights. There are countless ways that companies can provide their employees with valuable content to share across their personal social media networks:

  • Posting photos of your staff and work environment helps your brand’s personality shine through to your audience.
  • Did your company participate in a food drive, community clean-up or other kind of civic engagement project? Don’t forget to share! Current and potential future employees are interested in the community values of companies.
  • Celebrating staff accomplishments on social media will make your employees feel valued and appreciated, and motivate them to repost to their own social media channels.
  • Highlighting your employees on social media won’t only improve your company culture in-house, but it can also grab the attention of potential clients and make them eager to learn more about what you do.
  • Offering a behind-the-scenes look into what your team is up to is exciting for you social media followers, and it gives them an exclusive peek into your company culture.

Create and Organic Pipeline of Talent

Recruiting managers hire for not only open job positions, but also for the future growth of their company. Often, if you hire hastily to fill a position, you may not attract the best candidate for the job. On the other hand, if you continually source employee referrals, you can organically build a talent pipeline that you can access when a position becomes opened or when the company decides to expand beyond its current capabilities.

Social media professional networks and employee referrals are top sources for quality hires: according to LinkedIn, the top channels people use to look for new jobs are online job boards (60%), social professional networks (56%), and word of mouth (50%). By implementing technology and rewards into a structured employee referral program, employers can source from their employees’ personal and social media connections, creating an efficient and high-performance talent pool that drives employee referrals and passive recruiting strategies.

The cornerstone of any recruiting campaign (internal or external) is your careers website. Mobile friendly, easy to navigate, workplace content are all critical. Every HIRECLICK activation comes with a FREE careers website, automatic submission to all the job boards that matter, and easy to use application management tools. Starting at only $99/month, HIRECLICK is the hiring tool that you can’t live without.

So, you want the job? You need to set yourself apart from the other job candidates.

Attention to all jobseekers… when applying to virtually any job, your application information will be received by a member of an HR team. For the record, HR stands for Human Resources. One definition of HR states that it is the department within a business that is responsible for all things worker related. That includes recruiting, vetting, selecting, hiring, onboarding, training, promoting, paying, and firing employees and independent contractors. In other words, it is the people side of a business.  They thrive on interaction and were drawn to this field because of their desire to communicate with people.

With that said, HR teams have systems that will scan your resume and categorize you based upon the text of the document.  This helps with identifying skills and certain background information and, at times, may immediately trigger an invitation to interview.  Then again, it may mis-label you as a candidate and put you on the bottom of the pile of applications that have been received.  In order to take “luck” out of the hiring equation, you need to set yourself apart from other applicants.  Remember, the audience that you are speaking to is in the people business.  While they do appreciate the tools to assist in sorting through resumes, they really would rather be talking to job candidates… just like you.

All that you need to do to land that interview is to set yourself apart from the others. But how?  Here are four valuable tips that you need to understand when trying to set yourself apart from other job candidates.

1)  One size fits none.  Online job boards and technology tools have streamlined the application process. As a jobseeker, you can literally find and apply to 20+ jobs in a matter of minutes. While this allows jobseekers to feel accomplished in their job search, you must know that this method is largely ineffective.  The best job candidates customize their application packet.  They write thoughtful cover letters… you know, the box that says, “Please provide an introduction of yourself in this box”.  In fact, they probably customize their resume to match the “must have’s” that were included in the job description. Remember, the hiring teams are in the people biz. When you customize your process for them, they know it and appreciate it and will remember it when it’s time to hire.

2)  Please do your research. The internet literally allows you to research anything or anyone with shockingly detailed results.  When applying to jobs, take at least a couple minutes to research the company that you are applying to.  Learn information about the company, the industry, the size of employer. Read recent news or press releases about company announcements or product launches.  You will be amazed at how much easier it is to write a customized introduction letter when you have invested some time in learning about the company. If you do land that interview, your preparation will be evident to the hiring manager.

3)  You are who Google and Facebook says you are.  As hiring managers dig through resumes, a natural next step in “getting to know you” is to turn to google/Facebook for more information.  Have you “Googled” yourself? What results are returned? Does your Facebook page still display your college spring break photos? While social media is the ultimate example of “free expression”, it also provides a live example of rational judgement, a highly coveted quality of almost any job.  To land that dream job, you don’t need to be an angel… the HR person reading your resume probably wasn’t one, either. But you do need to demonstrate self-awareness and reason.

4)  Etiquette matters. As employers, we are constantly amazed at the number of jobseekers that pull a “no call/no show” trick to a scheduled interview. Applications come in with no cover letter (despite us asking for it). Jobseekers dial into our zoom interviews 5 minutes late, sometime with a rock band T shirt on. This article is about standing apart from the other jobseekers.  As crazy as this is, paying attention to the details is a big first step in this process.  Many of those lessons that you learned as a youngster still ring true in your job search.  Show up on time (or 5 minutes early), dress the part, and say please and thank you. As with any new relationship, gestures of respect go a long, long way. 

We hope these tips are useful to you in your search for that dream job. Best of luck in your job search from HIRECLICK

HIRECLICK provides an all-in-one hiring system to small and medium sized businesses. By streamlining the process of posting your jobs to all the major job boards and helping you to quickly sort, rate, and communicate with applicants, HIRECLICK can save you valuable time and money in your hiring efforts.  Starting at only $99/mo., HIRECLICK is the HR tool that you can’t live without. Learn more about HIRECLICK and take a self-guided product tour today.

The HIRECLICK Team’s Thanksgiving Reflections

With the COVID-19 pandemic raging, schools and restaurants closed, lost joyful routines of life and millions out of work or under-employed, a holiday about gratitude might feel a little off.

No in-person Turkey Trots. Empty place settings. Fewer side dishes (but, also fewer dishes to clean). No backyard football at halftime of the NFL games. Virtual hugs and Zoom get-togethers with extended friends and family. Thankful still? You bet.

If you ask folks here at HIRECLICK if they have anything to be grateful for this Thanksgiving, you’ll get a surprising wealth of words:

“I am always thankful for family and friends. Especially this year, with all the things that have gone on. I am also thankful for the many clients that I get to work with on a daily basis and a job that I really enjoy.” – Glen

“I am thankful that my family has been safe and healthy.” – Manda

“I’m thankful for a healthy family. Also that the kids are still living about as normal of a life they can in these times. They still go to school, plays sports and participate in activities and see their friends.”
– Matt

“During the holidays, it is always nice to reflect on what’s truly important.  This year, I am most thankful for the meaningful connections I have with my family and friends, my pets (two dogs + two cats) and my mentors/co-workers/acquaintances/associates.  The people in my life bring me great joy, and I feel extremely blessed and grateful to be surrounded by so many wonderful people.  I am also grateful for good health, and the unlimited opportunities to obtain the highest level of abundance and happiness this life can offer!” – Sam

“Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday since childhood. Two most important things I have always been thankful for is family and friends. And this year even makes that even more intense as I have missed out on so much time with both! Here is to a great 2021!” – Rich

“I am thankful for my health, family, and my job.”
– Jordan

“If there is one thing I’ve learned this year, it’s not to take anything for granted. There are plenty of reasons to want to wish this year far—far away, but I want to focus on the silver linings. I’m thankful for my health after my own bout with COVID-19 and for the good health of my family and friends. I’m grateful for technology like Zoom and GoToMeeting (yes, I know everyone is really tired of staring at people on a screen, but hear me out), which has kept us safe and made it possible for me to complete the first semester of my PhD program even though I never stepped foot on campus. I’m also so grateful for the resiliency and ingenuity of all the small business owners out there during this most challenging year. However you decide to be thankful, keep it going throughout 2020 and beyond.”
– Steph

“I’m thankful that my family has remained healthy, employed and relatively unscathed in these trying times. I’m thankful that the end of the pandemic appears to be in sight, and for the science that makes that possible.”
– Jim

“I am thankful for the opportunity to help clients solve one of their largest challenges. I am equally thankful to work with an amazingly talented team that are driven to be the best.”
– Scott

Looking for ideas about how to safely celebrate Thanksgiving this year? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have excellent resources available on their website.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hiring Tip: Are you “Always looking for good people”?

In operating several local job boards in the upper Midwest, we have had the pleasure of engaging with thousands of local employers. While much has changed through that last 15 years, two common themes have stayed the same.  We consistently hear the following statements from employers:

1) It is getting harder and harder to attract quality workers.

2) We are “Always looking for good people”.

Both statements speak to the fierce competition for local workers. However, the “always looking for good people” statement intrigues me the most.  I am always surprised how many companies indicate that this is the case, but do not have an actionable plan to support it.

A common way to tackle hiring is to address the hiring needs only when the openings arise.  Typically, companies would identify a need, then advertise the job openings in various sources. This generates applicants and hopefully leads to a hire within 60-90 days. 

After the hire, job postings expire and, typically, recruitment efforts go dark until the next job opening occurs.  As employers, we should be leery about this on again/off again hiring strategy.  Top Resume indicates that the average U.S. Job Search lasts for 5 months. So… if your job listings last for 60-90 days, but the average search lasts for 5 months, a dangerous gap is created and could be costing you quality local employees.

Hiring platforms such as HIRECLICK fill these gaps by allowing your business to have an “Always On” careers website that not only lists your open positions, but one that tells your story and provides valuable information to jobseekers that are trying to research you.  LinkedIn’s Talent Solutions group indicates that 75% of jobseekers will research you online prior to applying for one of your job openings.  If a jobseeker researched your company, what would they find?  If you did not have any active job postings, how would they learn about you as an employer or fill out an employment application? 

Just as your company web site has elevated in importance to your customers, a careers site is essential in providing potential jobseekers with the information that they need, when they want it. HIRECLICK is a turnkey hiring system that includes a careers web site that you can be proud of. It hosts all your open job positions and submits them to all the 3rd party job search sites that matter. Last, rather than facing unpredictable costs for advertising job openings, HIRECLICK operates on a low monthly flat rate… starting at only $99 per month.

Learn more about HIRECLICK by taking a self-guided product tour or receive a price quote for your business.